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100% brand new and high quality
Imported materials 440C, the hardness of 52 degrees, the shape materials 7075 Aluminum, 200 lbs pull test with no problem.
Compound with handheld Caesar put, put spreaders grip,good hand feeling, very sensitive, 6 color options!

The main components of the main hook head 440c stainless steel imports,CNC machining aerospace aluminum body, feel superior,hard oxidation treatment, the concrete floor will not fade fell, with the insurance unit, handle sensitivity can be adjusted,

Cheap price but top quality, when testing the hook easy pull 95kg things, about 200 pounds.


Material:Stainless steel
Color: Red
Harness: 52
Brand: Ourpgone

4 Finger Grip Calipher Release For Compound Bow Shooting

SKU: 4fingerelease