The Cartel Midas Arrow Puller features a dog type quiver clip and true grip rubber with finger indents and a V-style cut to fit all arrows.


It features an external block pattern to assist with gripping and extracting arrows.

You can try pulling stuck arrows from the target with your bare hands, but doing so increases the likelihood you will bend or break your arrow.


The Midas Arrow Puller provides more leverage and gives you a better grip on your arrow shaft and increases the diameter of the arrow you are pulling for an easier and effective hold and to protect the arrow from being bent by the grip of your fist, by adding extra stiffening.


Functional and simple to use. Chunky grip fits perfectly in the hand to easily remove arrows. Will not damage arrows.


The Midas Arrow Puller is just 7cm or 2.75 inches long and weighs a meagre 39g or 1.4 oz.



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