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A very good Recurve Bow for Beginners and Entry level archers.Light weight bow riser , suitable for beginners and intermediate.with big wind tunnel,reduce the air resistance . give you stabie shooting feeling . you can use the stabilizer/bow sight /arrow rest /button /clicker /bow limbs savers , all position reserved.the bow limbs coming with big radian ,makes you have a better draw feeling and faster arrow speed .

F155 Recurve Bow:
Material: Aluminum Riser, Fiberglass Limbs
Draw weight: 28/32 lbs
Draw length: 31"
Bow length: 68"
Weight: 2.8 lbs
Riser: 23"
Riser Color: Blue

Free Items:
1 x Arrow Rest
1 x Bow Sight
6 x Fibreglass Arrow
1 x Arm Guard
1 x Cow Leather Finger Tab
1 x 3-Tube Arrow Quiver

F155 Recurve Bow With Package

SKU: f155set