New and exclusively designed, created and produced for JVD is the Samick Scorpion!Black and dark as a scorpion, a great value riser.This 23" riser creates a 66" bow when using the smooth Scorpion limbs.

66 INCH ILF TAKEDOWN RECURVE: The Samick Scorpion King is designed and manufactured in South Korea. With international limb fitment (ILF), you can interchange this limb and riser set with any ILF brand out there. Machined aluminum riser provides durability to last a lifetime, matched with Samick Scorpion ILF limbs for a smooth pull and accurate shot.

The riser (length 23") is drilled and tapped to be compatible with any olympic recurve bow accessory you would like to add to it. Install accessories such as a Sight, Stabilizer, V-bars, Dampners, and many more options.

Package include:

1 x Samick Scorpion Riser

1 set Samick Scorpion Limbs

1 x Winners Bow string

1 x Cartel Supra Arrow Rest   

Samick scorpion recurve bow